Aims and Visions

Our Mission Statement

At Alltwen Primary School we aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that is safe, inspiring and inclusive.  Within our environment the pupils will succeed in becoming literate and numerate, whilst also developing a love of learning through curiosity and challenge.  We will nurture every child to become a responsible, considerate and caring individual, whilst taking with them lifelong memories.



Wellbeing & Personal Attributes

We aim to ensure pupils:

achieve a high level of physical and emotional wellbeing, and

develop appropriate learner behaviours, including independence and resilience, self-regulation and working with others.


Teaching & the School Environment

We aim to:

maintain a highly stimulating and attractive environment that enhances learning, and

achieve and sustain excellent standards of learning and teaching.


Skills & Lifelong Learning

We aim to ensure all pupils:

achieve their potential, and

are equipped with transferable skills to continue their lifelong learning in an increasingly technological age.