What does ALN mean?


At Alltwen Primary School, we take great pride in the inclusive philosophy embedded within our school. In our most recent Estyn Inspection (2018), it was reported that,

“The wellbeing of learners is at the heart of the school”. 

Due to long-established processes of identification and monitoring, we have a thorough system of supporting our learners who may have Additional Learning Needs (ALN). We believe that early identification is key and aim to work with the child, family, wider community and external agencies, using a Person Centred approach. This is to ensure that each learner receives the additional provision required to reach their full potential. We work as a team to provide a wide range of additional interventions, ranging from support to progress in reading and early phonics acquisition, speech production and use of language. In addition, we provide a range of wellbeing interventions within our school, thereby supporting the child within the wider context of family and community, with our school at the centre of that community.

Should you wish to discuss a matter related to ALN, whole school responsibility for Wellbeing, Inclusion and Additional Learning Needs is held by Miss Rhian Hughes, who you may contact via the school office.