Friday 13th March, 2020

Welcome back to the year 4 blog!

Every week we seem to have exciting news to tell you. This week we have most enjoyed beginning to make our paper mache planets during our mission time. It is a messy job but we LOVE it! Today has been sports relief and we have run our socks off and showed we have the skills to pay the bills!

In literacy Mrs Lloyd came in to teach with Mr Hazel on Wednesday. We did an oracy lesson all about washing our hands. We are going to teach the reception children how to do it properly! In maths we have had another tricky week learning about fractions of a set and equivalent fractions.

Tune in the same time next week for more news!

Hwyl fawr, Year 4

11th October 2019

It has been a fantastic week in school.

In literacy this week we used our recount plan to write our own recount on how to build a pyramid. We remembered to use first, then, next, after that and finally. We used the 5 w’s WHAT?  WHERE? WHY? WHO? WHEN? and we finished our recount by writing how we felt.

In our mathematics lessons we looked at number words and practised putting them in the correct order, from smallest to largest.

Our favourite activities this week was writing our names in hieroglyphics and making Egyptian necklaces with repeating patterns.

Friday, 18th October 2019

This week was has been a little bit different. For three days we were taught by Mrs Bowen because Mr Hazel had important meetings. She was lovely!

We did some literacy work on adverbs and adverbial Phrase. It was quite difficult work but Mr Hazel had told Mrs Bowen we could handle it. He was right! We worked as hard as a worker ant carrying leaves to his nest (see – we really did work hard). We have also started working on imagery poems with Mr Hazel.

In maths we have been learning to tell time and find differences between times. This was also hard but we stuck at it and are now masters of time. AND WE CAN PROVE IT!!

One of the most fun lessons this week was a problem solving activity on Tudor Jewellery. We had to work systematically to figure it out. Fitness Friday was exciting this week because we walked to the community center and played dodgeball. It was AWESOME!


Next week is the last week before half term and our Homework Logs need to be in on Monday!


Evaluations Week Ending 27-09-19

We have had a fun packed week in Year 1/2.

In Literacy we enjoyed talking about all of the exciting things we had been up to on the weekend. We made a list of all these actions.  We found out we had been swimming, playing, running, watching and reading. Mrs Edmund’s told us how these actions are called VERBS. We worked in our groups to change them into past tense, e.g. walk/walked, play/played!!


In Numeracy we practised writing our numbers in our neatest handwriting. We were very good at remembering to write the numbers the right way round! We also learnt how to double numbers using our fingers, numicon and with multi-link. We set our friends a doubling challenge with ladybird spots.


Our favourite lessons this week has been finding out more things about the Egyptians. We were very surprised to find out that everyone loved to wear make-up! We are really looking forward to spending time in our Cleopatra’s Jewellers next week (Thank You for all your kind donations)


We will be bringing home consent forms today for our school trip to the Egyptian Museum on Thursday 10th October.  We can’t wait!!

Evaluation of the week beginning with 23rd September 2019

Waw! What a busy week! This week we went on our trip to Llancaiach Fawr learn about the Tudors as part of our new topic Off With Her Head.  We learnt lots of new things about the life of children during Tudor times and have lots of new traditional games to play.


In English, we have been learning about adjectives and adverbs, using them to add interest into our sentences.


In Maths, we’ve been using our knowledge of place value to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.


Year 3

Business Week

Every class has been hard at work this week during Business Week to prepare ready for Alltwen’s version of ‘Dragon’s Den’ on Monday, where each class has to pitch their product to Mr Hyett and ask for a sum of money to enable them to make their product to sell in our school fête.

This is where each class becomes very competitive (and it’s not just the children).



Designing their product logo and researching products.














Year 1 –

Practicing their pitch

Year 2

Brainstorming ideas for their products


Year 3

Creating posters for their products


Year 4

Practising their pitch

Year 5

Writing their pitch


Year 6

Designing our product logo, working out the finances, designing what our products look like and carrying out market research.