Reception blog 8.10.21

This week we have been telling the Three Bears all about our Teddy Bear’s picnic. We have been using words like First, Next, After that and Finally to tell the Bears what we had and when. We also told them what our favourite thing was.


In our number sessions we have started practising our number formation on whiteboards and in our books. We are getting so good at remembering the rhymes!


We have been exploring how we use our eyes to look this week. We learnt all about our eyes. We looked at the pupil, the iris, the eyelashes and the eyelids and talked about how they keep us safe.


It’s been another good week. I wonder what next week will bring…


Thank you for reading our blog.


Reception 🙂

Reception blog 1.10.21

It has been another exciting week this week for Reception.


Luckily, our WANTED posters did the trick and Goldilocks was found! YAY! She gave Baby Bear his things back and said she was very, very sorry. We have had a Teddy Bear’s picnic, talked about what we had and decided what our favourite part of the picnic was. We are getting ready to recount our Teddy Bear’s picnic next week!

We have explored the world of visual patterns this week in our number sessions. We have enjoyed using blocks to represent patterns of 2 and 3 and played lots of guess the pattern games on the board.

We have used our noses to smell this week, too! Our noses are very clever, they guessed all the right smells in our guessing game. Da iawn trwynau!

Thank you for reading our blog.


Reception 🙂

Reception blog 17.9.21

What a fantastic week we have had!

We have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. We have spoken about the characters in the story, how they feel throughout and we have put pictures from the story in order. We have started using words like First, Next, After that and Finally.

We have spent our number sessions reading and ordering numbers, playing games and singing songs.

We are so excited to kick off our topic ‘ME’ next week, exploring our senses…


Have a fantastic weekend!

Reception blog 28.5.21

What a fantastic term we’re having!


We have been working really hard on writing our letters in Reception over the last month. We are so close to being able to write them all!


This term has had us immersed in numbers. Writing, reading, counting, ordering, adding,  taking away, grouping – We’ve had it all! Its been wonderful and we have enjoyed learning songs to help us remember what to do.


Our topic has allowed us to explore all things plants and minibeasts! We enjoyed learning about parts of a plant and making our own plant models. Did you know that different minibeasts have different habitats? We do! and we have used what we have learnt about habitats to create our own bug hotels. It was lucky we did, because we have officially set off our pet butterflies. They grew beautiful wings and set off on their journey in the wild. Thank you to our Reception parents for that wonderful opportunity!


Have a fantastic half term all 🙂


Reception blog 30.4.21

This week we have been working hard on our writing. Our 2 new letters that we have learnt are g and d!


Our number bonds to 10 have been the hot topic of our number sessions this week. We can recall so many bonds with help from numicon and our YouTube friend Jack Hartman.


We have been reading the story The Enormous Turnip and we have been able to remember the characters and the order they appear in the story. Our favourite part is when the turnip flies out of the ground and they all fall down with a BANG!


A very exciting time for our caterpillars. They are hanging from the top of the jars and have started to create their cocoons.


Thanks for reading this week’s blog.


Reception 🙂

Reception Blog 15.4.21

We have had an amazing first week back after the Easter Holidays!


We have been practising our letter formation, we are all getting so good at smiles and flicks!


We had lots of fun learning about how to show addition on paper using numbers and the + and = signs. We’re excited to do the opposite next week – subtraction!


Castell Howells gave us a wonderful gift – some seeds to plant in our ever-growing garden. Thank you! It tied so well into our topic work this week as we explored flowers. We are looking at and creating our own versions of Yvonne Coomber’s wildflower art. They’ll be finished next week so have a look out on Twitter!


Thanks for reading our blog. 🙂

Reception Blog 14.12.20

What a crazy term its been!

We have worked our socks off in Reception this term. We have loved learning to and practising finding sounds in words and blending them together, learning tricky words and  even beginning to use cursive writing to write some beautiful sentences!


We have also loved exploring all things number! Our favourtie thing to do  in number lessons is to sing number songs and count forwards and  backwards.

Our topic  has allowed us to  explore all things light, sound and keeping safe!


We  have learnt so  much and can’t wait  til next term already.


For now, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Nadolig Llawen a  Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.


Thank you for reading this week’s blog.


Reception 🙂


Reception blog 4.12.20

What an exciting week!

We plodded along to the school hall to take part in this year’s Christmas concert video. We did ourselves proud by singing beautifully – look out for us on the West End stage in a few years time!

Not only have we worked hard for our concert, we have worked hard in the class, too!

This week we have been exploring tricky words. Our challenge was match the tricky word in the bee to the hive that had the same tricky word in it.

We have measured ourselves, compared our heights, we made crowns that we measured around our heads and we compared containers to explore different capacities.

Ga i afal? Ga i fanana? Ga i siocled?Ga i fynd i’r ty bach os gwelwch yn dda? We turned into Tedi Twt for the week and have started using Ga i in our daily language.


Thank you for reading this week’s blog.


Reception 🙂

Blog 13.11.20

Blog 13.11.20


This week our classroom has turned into a light wonderland – we have explored torches, how light is useful and different ways that it works, what light waves look like on paper, different types of lights and we LOVED the glow in the dark writing boards!

Do you know your number bonds to 5? We do, and we have learnt a song to help us remember them – it is very catchy. Watch it here:

Sentence dictation filled our literacy sessions this week. We explored capital letters, finger space, full stops, and reading/rearranging words to make a simple sentence.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog.

Reception. 🙂

Reception blog 6.11.20

Blog 6.11.20


This week has been filled with Bonfire Night excitement!


We have learnt about who Guy Fawkes is and how the story of The Gunpowder Plot came about. Our subtraction skills were put to the test; we used numicon and objects to help us and we worked our socks off! Our firework pictures are amazing – check them out on HWB. We have really enjoyed our first week back and are so happy that our teachers are back with us.


Happy Friday!


Thanks for reading this week’s blog.

Reception. 🙂