Reception Class

Reception class have been very busy this week exploring pushes and pulls. We had a challenge of moving a ping pong ball without using our hands.

We have been having lots of fun in Maths when finding out all the things we can do in one minute.

We have also been using JiT 5 to record welsh work about clothes. Login to HWB to hear our fantastic welsh speaking.


Caffi Alltwen

We have enjoyed our time in Caffi Alltwen our role play area this afternoon. We were customers  and practised asking Ga i  ……. os gwelwch yn dda?. Lots of fantastic welsh oracy heard! Da iawn Reception!

Helping Faithe

Faithe our class fairy was very sad today because her magic door had gone missing! We saw pictures of the big bad wolf on our camera and we had to sequence the photos to work out what he had done. We used the words first, then and next to recount what had happened.

Armistice Day

We listened to a very important assembly shared by year six today. We read all about it in class too. We learned all about the soldiers who have fought in wars to keep us safe.We made our own Poppies to wear home. We hope you liked them.