Evaluations 28/02/20

Its been another busy week!


In Literacy we have started to learn about instructional writing. We had a go at writing our own recipes, working hard to remember to put bossy verbs in the instructions. We now know all recipes need a title, sub-titles, bullet points, numbers and pictures.

The sound of the week was /SH/ Mrs Edmunds was really happy because we could write lots and lots of words starting and ending with this sound.

In our number work we were learning about odd and even numbers. We counted to twenty in quiet and loud voices to help us work out if a number was odd or even. All the quiet numbers were odd and all the loud numbers are even. We also noticed a pattern, all the even numbers are in the 2 times table.


We looked at lots of toys this week and had to work out if you had to push or pull them to get them to move.


We are really excited for our Welsh week and can’t wait to show our Welsh art work to our friends.

Evaluation 17/01/20

This week we listened to the story ‘The Tale of two Dragons’. we created a story map to help us remember the story, it was very, very long. We liked the ending because the red dragon defeated the white dragon.  We pretended to be the different characters in the story and asked each other questions. It was lots of fun!!

We learnt the ‘ee’ sound and can now spell lots of words using this sound.

We have been doubling and halving numbers using our hands, apparatus and games online.

Mrs Edmunds is really pleased with us all in our topic work. We know the names of the planets and are enjoying finding out facts about them. We printed the planets for our class display and are looking forward to showing everyone soon.


Weekly Evaluation 10/01/20

We had a fantastic holiday but we are really happy to be back in school. We are ready to learn about our new topic!

In our writing this week we have been working really hard to write sentences with full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. We practised the sound /ai/ and made lots of words with this sound. We wrote the tricky words, was/ you/ on/ she/ they in lots of creative ways.

In our number work we have been finding out about 1 more and 1 less. We used our fingers, number lines, hundred square and a hundred bead to help us.

We were really excited to have our new topic, ‘Reach for the Stars’ and are really looking forward to finding out lots of things about space.

Thursday was our favourite day because we had a mysterious visitor who left us a space challenge! It was sooooo much fun!!

11th October 2019

It has been a fantastic week in school.

In literacy this week we used our recount plan to write our own recount on how to build a pyramid. We remembered to use first, then, next, after that and finally. We used the 5 w’s WHAT?  WHERE? WHY? WHO? WHEN? and we finished our recount by writing how we felt.

In our mathematics lessons we looked at number words and practised putting them in the correct order, from smallest to largest.

Our favourite activities this week was writing our names in hieroglyphics and making Egyptian necklaces with repeating patterns.

Evaluations for 18.11.2019

It has been a fantastic week in school.

We have been learning lots of new things in our number work. We have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones using 10 pence and 1 pence coins and link chains. We have used ordinal numbers to find the position of our friends in a line and colours in a tower.

Our favourite day was on Thursday. We loved retelling the story ‘How the World was made’ to our Mums and Dads. We were very creative and had great ideas to innovate our own stories. We are looking forward to writing them up next week.

Thank you for helping us with our story everyone!

Evaluations Week Ending 27-09-19

We have had a fun packed week in Year 1/2.

In Literacy we enjoyed talking about all of the exciting things we had been up to on the weekend. We made a list of all these actions.  We found out we had been swimming, playing, running, watching and reading. Mrs Edmund’s told us how these actions are called VERBS. We worked in our groups to change them into past tense, e.g. walk/walked, play/played!!


In Numeracy we practised writing our numbers in our neatest handwriting. We were very good at remembering to write the numbers the right way round! We also learnt how to double numbers using our fingers, numicon and with multi-link. We set our friends a doubling challenge with ladybird spots.


Our favourite lessons this week has been finding out more things about the Egyptians. We were very surprised to find out that everyone loved to wear make-up! We are really looking forward to spending time in our Cleopatra’s Jewellers next week (Thank You for all your kind donations)


We will be bringing home consent forms today for our school trip to the Egyptian Museum on Thursday 10th October.  We can’t wait!!

Egyptian Pyramids

Well its been an exciting week. We have had great fun finding out about pyramids and having a go at designing and creating our own!


In literacy we have been looking at recount writing and finding out how to write a good recount of our own.


In Mathematics we have been practising our numbers and number bonds to 10.