Friday 28th February, 2020.

Croeso nol! Welcome back to the year 4 blog.

This week we have done lots of Welsh. We have read, answered questions, planned and written a ‘proffil trydydd person’ – a third person profile. We could write about anybody we liked and got to talk about their names, age, where they live, their likes and dislikes. Sir says we are… bendigedig!

We have worked brilliantly in Maths. We smashed subtraction in compact and expanded forms and have done really well with multiplying 3 digit numbers by a single digit number.

We are also practicing for our St Davids Day celebrations and are looking forward to seeing everyone’s St Davids Day homework.

See you next week

Friday 14th February, 2020

Happy Valentines day everyone!

We have just had the best afternoon playing dodgeball with year 6 during fitness Friday! It was tough but loads of fun.

After the excitement of last weeks trip to Cardiff (which was amazing, outstanding, fantastic…) we have settled back into our classroom routine nicely. We have been using place value to add and subtract multiples of 100s and 10s in Maths and learnt about instruction texts in English.

But we have spent most of our time doing a light and shadow investigation in Science. We used a torch and a tennis ball to measure the length of shadows when we moved the distance of the light source from the ball. We discovered that shadows get longer the closer the light source is to an opaque object (like a tennis ball).

Half term next week – WOOHOO!!

Friday 31st January, 2020

Croeso Nol Pawb 🙂

The last week of January got off to an amazing start. On Monday we had a solar system workshop with Mr Pugh. It was great fun. We learnt all about the phases of the moon, tides, the seasons, gravity, orbiting, the different planets and the milky way as well as lots more. We got to dress up as astronauts and experience what it is like to float as if there is no gravity. That was awesome! However, the BEST bit was when Mr Pugh took us outside to the yard to launch bottle rockets! One went on to the bottom yard (under a bench), two went into the field but one flew over the school and ended up in the car park (Mr Hazel had to go and find it). It was a great day and year 3 loved it as well.

In English we have finished writing  our legends. We have made up some excellent legends of Alltwen and edited our introductions to make them more exciting for the reader. In maths we have worked on dividing 2 digit numbers beyond times tables. It was really hard but we have just about mastered using a number line to help us.

In Topic we have loved our missions again. They were new missions this week and the creative mission even asked us to paint the planet we designed the week before. We also wrote instructions during the major task with Mr Hazel that will actually help us make our planets using papier mache. How exciting!

Next week it is our residential trip to the Cardiff Bay URDD. It is going to be out of this world.


Friday, 24th January 2020

What a fab Fitness Friday we have just had We got to sample some raw vegetables. We had broccoli, peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, IT WAS GREAT FUN!! What a way to finish Fitness Friday with Miss Hughes. Next week we will be doing gymnastics with Mrs Moran.

Our work on Gelert has lead to us planning our very own legend of Alltwen. Mr Hazel made up a legend that we thought was true. Sneaky him!

Maths has been very tricky. We have been multiplying using grid and long written methods. The Missions were great fun again and we are getting experts at doing them now!

Monday is an exciting day as we have a Space workshop coming to school!!

See you next week 🙂

Friday 17th January 2020

This week has seen us start something very special and exciting! We are one of only two classes in the school who have been allowed to start doing ‘MISSIONS’. We do missions in the afternoon in our topic lessons. We are split in to 3 groups and do different jobs. Everyone gets a go in each group every week. One group works with Mr Hazel doing a ‘major’ task where the teacher extends them to do their BEST work. Another group works on a ‘minor’ task, where Mr Hazel tells them what to do and comes back to check on them. The third group (the best group) get to choose from 4 missions. We do the missions independently in black pen. We have to organise ourselves and be ambitious. We feel really grown up and proud!

We are still enjoying Gelert and have been doing subtraction this week. Fitness Friday with Miss Hughes was AWESOME!



Friday, 10th January 2020

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda… Happy New Year!!

It’s been a busy first week back from our Christmas holiday. We have been working on a very sad Welsh legend called Gelert. If you love dogs you had better have a box of tissues ready before you read it.


In maths we have been measuring weight and volume. We can now convert g to kg, kg to g. l to ml and ml to l.

We have also started our new topic ‘Third Rock From The Sun’. It is all about space and the solar system. It is going to be loads of fun. We have special topic homework this week – YAY!!



Friday 13th December 2019

Welcome back to the year 4 blog.

This week has been about two things.

  1. We are getting VERY excited about CHRISTMAS!! Our concert practice has taken us to the Chapel this week and our show is really starting to come together. We hope you are all coming along to see it 🙂
  2. Science: Tooth investigation. We have planned and carried out an investigation to find out which drinks damage teeth the most. Tune in next week to find out the answer!

Hwyl Fawr Pawb


Friday. 29th November 2019

It’s been another busy week in Year 4.


In English we have finished off our narrative stories ‘To The Edge Of The..’ We really enjoyed writing our stories and Mr Hazel is impressed. He his also impressed with the way many of our handwriting is improving.

Maths has been tricky this week because we have been doing fractions. We have worked really hard and learnt some clever tricks to help us!!

In topic we have planned a non=-chronological report and have also done some descriptive Welsh.

Awards of the Week

Outstanding Owl: Lexie Powell

Cymraeg Gwych: Shay Evans

Friday, 15th November 2019

Welcome back to the year 4 blog. It’s been another busy week!

It was very exciting this week to do our Talk2Write assembly. We performed the actions to the story ‘To The Edge of The World’ Mr Hazel thought we were unbelievable and was super proud! We have done lots of work on the story in English this week and we innovated some terrific stories with our parents after the show. Thanks to everyone who came!

In maths we have been learning compact and expanded addition and subtraction. It can be tricky when you have to borrow but apart from that we smashed it!

Children in need was fun. We all got dressed up and did a special Fitness Friday/CIN exercise in the hall. The healthy snacks were delicious and we raised some money for children who need it!

Friday 8th November 2019

Hello and welcome back to the Year 4 blog…

In English this week we have started to learn a new story called ‘To The Edge of The World’ ready for our assembly next Thursday. We love the story and cant wait to show our families how BRILLIANT we are! Be there or be square! We have completed story maps to help us and made up some fantastic actions. We also wrote a cold write using a very cool picture to inspire us.

We had a real treat this week in Maths when Mr Hyett came into watch a lesson. He already knows how BRILLIANT we are now. We have been learning about place value, partitioning and adding using compact and expanded written methods.

Fitness Friday was very exciting today because we moved to Miss Hughes’ class to do yoga. It was BACK-BREAKING FUN. We all got 2  dojos because we were BRILLIANT. Did we mention that before? We already cannot wait for next Friday.


We’ll check in with you again then.



Year 4