Year 5 Weekly Blog 1st October.

Another week complete. Can you believe we are already into October. Not long until its December and Christmas.

In English this week, we have been looking at different types of sentences: simple, compound and complex sentences.

What type of sentence do you think this is?

Today, I went to the shop and bought a bar of chocolate however, by the time I got home it had melted.


In Maths we have been learning different ways to add and subtract using mental strategies such as partitioning, mentally (writing the answer straight down and frog hopping (when counting up).


In our Topic work, we have started our topic on ‘This is me – Charity’.

We have learnt the terms:  ‘Philanthropists, Altruists and Humanitarians’. We created a database of famous philanthropists and researched why they are known Philanthropists.

Do you know what a Philanthropist is? 


We are looking forward to another busy week next week.

Have a good weekend

from Year 5.

Year 5 Weekly Evaluation 24th September 2021

It has been an exciting but a busy week in Year 5. We have settled into the new routines of being in Year 5 class and are looking forward to the year ahead.

In English, we have been learning about the legend of ‘Icarus’, where we have created our own story actions to retell the story as a class, we created our own story maps and then used the text to answer a reading comprehension.

“If only Icarus had listened to his dad, the ending of the story may have been very different.”


In Maths, we have learning about using estimating first before using column addition.

Can you work out what 6753 +4563= is first using estimating. 


Believe it or not, it is only September and we are already talking  and thinking about… CHRISTMAS!!! in school (sorry Mums and dads).

Keep your eyes pealed over the next few weeks for our annual Christmas cards,  which will be sent home for you to purchase.

Looking forward to another busy week ahead. Have a lovely weekend. Keep safe.

Year 5


Year 5 Spellings week commencing 26th April 2021

ask, ast, ass i_e, igh, y all, al
ask slide fall
mask bride tall
flask tide small
cast tile stall
fast while also
last smile always
past spike already
vast flight almost
blast right although
disaster bright altogether
pass fright usual
class my capital
glass why sandal
grass cycle pedal

Year 5 Spellings for this week

Hi All,

Here are the spellings for this week; the children already have their own copies in class.

Kind regards

Miss H Hughes

ee, ea, e-e ea Sp, spr
been dead Spin
Seed head Spot
Sheep read Spill
Sweet bread Spark
cheese thread Speak
bean spread Spike
steam health Spout
stream wealth Special
seat feather Specific
meat leather Spell
please weather Spray
these ready Sprout
complete steady Sprint
  healthy Spring
  wealthy especially

Year 5 -Weekly Evaluations 4th December 2020

We have thoroughly enjoyed school this week especially filming our Christmas concert on Tuesday. (Don’t forget orders for your own copy of the DVD need to be in ASAP).

In class, we have focused mainly on our Science topic of ‘Burning’ and investigated factors which affect the rate in which candles burn and what happens when a jar is placed over a candle.

Do you know the 3 main elements of the fire triangle and what helps to accelerate burning?


This week, we were also very lucky to experience a virtual tour and held our own Q and A session with a Celt from Castell Henllys. This was very informative and developed our understanding further of what life as a Celtic was like.

We have also been practicing and refining our Celtic warrior dance ready to perform in our celebration day, which we are all looking forward too.

Year 5 -Weekly Evaluation 20th November

This week, we finished our Celtic blanket. Everyone had a turn at weaving the wool on the ‘loom’ and we are so impressed with the finished result.

In our Maths, we started to have a look at the rules when identifying multiples of certain numbers.

What do you think?  – Is 67 a multiple of 9?  

We will tell you the answer next week.


Also, it was an emotional week in English as we wrote our personification poems on ‘Poppies’. The images created by each poem were very vivid and fantastic. Da iawn Year 5.

In welsh, we have been continuing to write our diary of a Celt using familiar phrases and patterns, and today we started to develop our ideas further by using time connectives and prepositions. Super work!


Next week, we are looking forward to starting our science block as well as practicing our class song for our Christmas Recording, which takes place the following week.

Have you got your Christmas Jumper ready for it?


Year 5 -Weekly Evaluation 13th November 2020

This week has been a busy week.

In Maths, we have been focusing on subtraction using different strategies such as: column subtraction and frog hopping.

In English, we presented our half term homework to the class about the Celts. Every one did a superb job and we learnt lots of new facts about the Celts from the presentations.

We started a new block of missions this week. As a class in our EPIC, we wanted to find out about how the Romans began to invade Celtic areas. Our activities included: map work, a reading comprehensive on Queen Boudicca,  a thinking activity by comparing similarities and differences of the Celts and Romans and Celtic weaving. We can’t wait to see our finished Celtic blanket.



Year 5 Weekly Evaluations 16th October 2020

Once again, we have had an enjoyable week in Year 5. Each week just gets better and better 🙂

Today, we started to choreograph our Celtic dance routine with our partner to display a Celtic war battle. This was a lot of fun and it was amazing to watch everyone participate well. We can’t wait to watch each others final pieces.

This week in our English, we have finally started to write our non-chronological report on Dragons using the text features we have looked at. We have learnt lots of amazing facts about dragons and are able to describe the differences of dragons in Eastern and Western Cultures.

In Maths, we have practiced telling the time and using the 12hour and 24 hour clock. For homework, we are going to reinforce telling the time by looking at a variety of timetables or TV guides.

Finally, last Monday, we had a special visitor via Teams from the Road Safety Team to inform us of how we can stay safe while riding our bikes.

Next week, is our final week before half term starts and it is another busy week. (Halloween costumes at the ready for our class disco on Thursday)


Year 5 Weekly Evaluation 9th October 2020

It has been another busy week in Year 5.

We are fully immersing ourselves into our topic of the Celts. This week, we started our missions in the afternoon. Our focus on the next two weeks are: creating a roundhouse, designing our own Celtic village, researching different jobs of Celts and finally completing a ‘Hit or Miss’ task by deciding on if statements are true or false. We have enjoyed becoming more independent in our learning. The activity with Miss was challenging and involved a lot of mathematical thinking and problem solving when working out costs of a making a roundhouse.

In our maths, we have been working on quick easy ways to multiply by larger numbers using doubling and halving.

eg 123 x 8 =

We could do ‘123 x2=    x2=     x2=     ‘


In our English work, we enjoyed researching about different dragons ready to write our non chronological report next week.

We are looking forward to continuing with our missions next week too.

Weekly Evaluation Year 5- 2nd October 2020

It has been lovely to come back to school and see our friends again. Some things have changed but we are quickly adapting to our new ‘Normal’.

We have started to learn about our new topic called ‘The Celts’. Did you know? Celts put war paint on their bodies before going into war to scare off their opponents. We can’t wait to find out more fun and interesting facts over the next few weeks. We have also started our dance unit of creating a ‘Celtic Haka’.

In our English work, we are studying Non-Chronological reports where we have focused this week on looking at past, present and future tense verbs as well as creating different types of sentences such as simple, compound and complex.

In our Maths work, we have been understanding the rules when multiplying or dividing whole and decimals numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. ( Not just adding a zero!)

We have also started to get into the Christmas spirit by creating our amazing Christmas cards. Please send these back ASAP to school with your order.

We are looking forward to starting our class based missions next week.