Evaluation of the week beginning with 9th March

In Topic this week, we have been exploring NASA’s website to find out about Space inventions that we now use in our everyday lives. An example of this is an infrared ear thermometer. Originally, the technology was used to measure the temperature of distant stars.  Now, we use the technology to measure ear temperature to check for high temperatures.


In English this week, we have been looking at instruction writing and choosing adverbs and bossy verbs for our writing.  Also, we have been working on our Oracy skills preparing to present our instructions on how to wash your hands properly to Nursery children.


In Maths this week, we worked on our data handling skills and created, extracted and interpreted pictograms and bar graphs. Also this week, we have been working on measurements of weight.  Did you know, we measure weight in grams and kilograms? 1000g=1kg.


Year 3.

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