Evaluations 28/02/20

Its been another busy week!


In Literacy we have started to learn about instructional writing. We had a go at writing our own recipes, working hard to remember to put bossy verbs in the instructions. We now know all recipes need a title, sub-titles, bullet points, numbers and pictures.

The sound of the week was /SH/ Mrs Edmunds was really happy because we could write lots and lots of words starting and ending with this sound.

In our number work we were learning about odd and even numbers. We counted to twenty in quiet and loud voices to help us work out if a number was odd or even. All the quiet numbers were odd and all the loud numbers are even. We also noticed a pattern, all the even numbers are in the 2 times table.


We looked at lots of toys this week and had to work out if you had to push or pull them to get them to move.


We are really excited for our Welsh week and can’t wait to show our Welsh art work to our friends.

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