Friday 31st January, 2020

Croeso Nol Pawb 🙂

The last week of January got off to an amazing start. On Monday we had a solar system workshop with Mr Pugh. It was great fun. We learnt all about the phases of the moon, tides, the seasons, gravity, orbiting, the different planets and the milky way as well as lots more. We got to dress up as astronauts and experience what it is like to float as if there is no gravity. That was awesome! However, the BEST bit was when Mr Pugh took us outside to the yard to launch bottle rockets! One went on to the bottom yard (under a bench), two went into the field but one flew over the school and ended up in the car park (Mr Hazel had to go and find it). It was a great day and year 3 loved it as well.

In English we have finished writing  our legends. We have made up some excellent legends of Alltwen and edited our introductions to make them more exciting for the reader. In maths we have worked on dividing 2 digit numbers beyond times tables. It was really hard but we have just about mastered using a number line to help us.

In Topic we have loved our missions again. They were new missions this week and the creative mission even asked us to paint the planet we designed the week before. We also wrote instructions during the major task with Mr Hazel that will actually help us make our planets using papier mache. How exciting!

Next week it is our residential trip to the Cardiff Bay URDD. It is going to be out of this world.


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