Reception blog 1.10.21

It has been another exciting week this week for Reception.


Luckily, our WANTED posters did the trick and Goldilocks was found! YAY! She gave Baby Bear his things back and said she was very, very sorry. We have had a Teddy Bear’s picnic, talked about what we had and decided what our favourite part of the picnic was. We are getting ready to recount our Teddy Bear’s picnic next week!

We have explored the world of visual patterns this week in our number sessions. We have enjoyed using blocks to represent patterns of 2 and 3 and played lots of guess the pattern games on the board.

We have used our noses to smell this week, too! Our noses are very clever, they guessed all the right smells in our guessing game. Da iawn trwynau!

Thank you for reading our blog.


Reception 🙂

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