Reception blog 4.12.20

What an exciting week!

We plodded along to the school hall to take part in this year’s Christmas concert video. We did ourselves proud by singing beautifully – look out for us on the West End stage in a few years time!

Not only have we worked hard for our concert, we have worked hard in the class, too!

This week we have been exploring tricky words. Our challenge was match the tricky word in the bee to the hive that had the same tricky word in it.

We have measured ourselves, compared our heights, we made crowns that we measured around our heads and we compared containers to explore different capacities.

Ga i afal? Ga i fanana? Ga i siocled?Ga i fynd i’r ty bach os gwelwch yn dda? We turned into Tedi Twt for the week and have started using Ga i in our daily language.


Thank you for reading this week’s blog.


Reception 🙂

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