Year 1 Weekly Evaluation 08.10.21

The end of another busy week.

In maths this week we’ve been looking at more than (+) and less than (-). It would be great if you can reinforce the learning at home. Use your fingers to ask what is one more than 5? , one less than 6? etc and write the corresponding number sentence to represent the sum e.g. 5+1=6, 6-1=5. I have also put a maths activities on J2e this week.

During English lessons we’ve been looking at similes, using ‘as’ and ‘like’ to describe autumn leaves, e.g. The leaf was as yellow as a lemon. The leaf was crunchy like a cornflake. This is something you can do verbally together and if you’ve got time, ask the children to write down the sentences.

We have completed our science investigation about variation in hand spans and concluded that hands spans are different. In Year 1 the hand spans range from 10-15 centimetres. We have created a whole class pictogram which we have in our books and a bar chart as a classroom  display.

This week in phonics we have focused on the digraphs (where two letters make one sound) th and ng. I have given 5 new spellings this week (moth, bath, path, ring, sing), which can be found on J2e. Once again, it would be a great idea if you can make sentences at home using the spellings each week.

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Miss Hughes, Miss Merson and Mrs Deering

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