Year 4 Weekly Evaluation Friday 11th December 2020

Fractions fun for everyone, sharing things into equal parts has been our maths focus this week. This is a concept that can often be confusing for children but if you can reinforce their learning at home over the Christmas period by sharing festive food into equal parts e.g., Yule log, Christmas cake, Pizza or Sprouts, that would be great. The children did show a good understanding in class and I’m sure they would be pleased to show off their knowledge at home. Applying knowledge in a practical everyday setting is an excellent way to consolidate previous learning.
Yesterday, we finished our work on narrative, the children showcased their new story writing skills, including the use of direct speech to create the most wonderful stories. As a Teacher it is very pleasing to see the progression they have shown since September.
Our Science investigation on Forces was fascinating. Subject specific vocabulary included gravity, air resistance, propulsion and friction. The children investigated which material would be the best to use when making a parachute, they tested 3 different types of material, cotton, cardboard and plastic. Please ask them to explain the results and their conclusion, they are all very good young scientists.
It has been announced today that the school term finishes on Monday. It would be lovely if the children could wear their Christmas jumpers once more for our last day of term. I’m looking forward to our last day together and hope to have the chance to enjoy some seasonal fun to celebrate what has been an incredibly busy term with lots of lovely learning.
It has been my very great pleasure to teach Year 4 and thanks to all of you for your help and support at home. The children’s learning is certainly a partnership between the teacher and parent. I know Mrs Lloyd is excited to get back in January and I look forward to teaching the class on Friday’s.
On Tuesday I will share some home learning activities on Hwb to ensure the children have work to complete until the end of the week.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year!

Miss H Hughes

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