Year 5 Weekly Evaluation 24th September 2021

It has been an exciting but a busy week in Year 5. We have settled into the new routines of being in Year 5 class and are looking forward to the year ahead.

In English, we have been learning about the legend of ‘Icarus’, where we have created our own story actions to retell the story as a class, we created our own story maps and then used the text to answer a reading comprehension.

“If only Icarus had listened to his dad, the ending of the story may have been very different.”


In Maths, we have learning about using estimating first before using column addition.

Can you work out what 6753 +4563= is first using estimating. 


Believe it or not, it is only September and we are already talking¬† and thinking about… CHRISTMAS!!! in school (sorry Mums and dads).

Keep your eyes pealed over the next few weeks for our annual Christmas cards,  which will be sent home for you to purchase.

Looking forward to another busy week ahead. Have a lovely weekend. Keep safe.

Year 5


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