Our children are encouraged to wear the school uniform albeit non-statutory. Wearing the uniform develops our children’s sense of pride, ownership and belonging. Our uniform is comprised of:

  • navy sweater or cardigan,
  • white polo shirt,
  • grey trousers or tracksuit bottoms,
  • grey skirt or pinafore dress.

In warmer weather the children can also wear:

  • blue and white check dress,
  • grey shorts.

All pupils are required to wear appropriate school shoes at all times.  Trainers may be worn, however, we ask parents/carers to provide dark/black coloured trainers and not fluorescent, hightops or slip-ons. Laces must be tied at all times.

Physical Education is a National Curriculum subject and is therefore compulsory. We expect our children to wear appropriate clothing to safely take part in these sessions. Children will need a:

  • white round neck t-shirt,
  • black shorts or jogging bottoms,
  • trainers for outdoor activities.

In cold weather a tracksuit top/school jumper may be necessary for outdoor games. Children will undertake gymnastics barefooted within our school hall. A swimming costume and towel will be necessary during the term when the children go swimming.

Please label every item of clothing.  Misplaced clothes will be stored in the ‘Lost and Found’ basket.  This basket will be periodically emptied with the content sent to the local charity shop.

Uniform and other school accessories which display our school logo are available from ‘Order Uniform’ at 01792 869990 or Swansea Valley Customized Wear on 07846033999 / 07812074666.