Year 2 – Weekly Evaluations

We have had another busy week in Year 2.

In numeracy we learnt how to do subtraction calculations using the column method. We thought they were fun to do and we wanted to do lots and lots of them. Sometimes we had to borrow from the ‘tens’ column and it was more tricky.

In literacy we used our story map of ‘The Tortoise that lost his Shell’ to rewrite the story. After we finished we used a green pen to check for any mistakes in our writing.  Mrs Edmunds was very impressed and we enjoyed reading them out to each other.

We have been finding out more about tortoises and next week we are going to start planning a party for a tortoise. It is going to be very exciting!

Year 2 – Weekly Evaluation

It has been an awesome week in Year 2!


In numeracy we have been super clever and learnt how to do column addition with hundreds, tens and 1’s. Mrs Edmunds said we were mathematicians and worked them out really well.

In literacy we listened to the story ‘How Tortoise Got His Shell.’ It was interesting and really fun to learn. We created a story map to help us remember the different parts of the story. We wanted to find out more about Tortoises.

Luckily we had a surprise visitor. A real tortoise came into school for us to see!! We asked lots of questions to find out more about them. We think the tortoise ‘Flash’ loved us.

Year 2 – Weekly Evaluations – 27.05.21

What a great last week of term it has been in Year 2!

In literacy we have been working really hard to make our writing really exciting. We became literacy detectives and looked in lots and lots of story books for any interesting words authors had chosen for their stories. We then borrowed these words to use in our own writing. Mrs Edmunds said our work was fantastic!


In numeracy we consolidated our work with fractions. We then used these shapes to find 1/2’s and 1/4’s of different numbers. We worked really hard and tried a challenge to find a 1/2 and a 1/4 of a 100 and a 1,000!! Wow!


For our topic work this week we were very creative. We used different techniques to cut paper and made a collage of different fish. Our classroom looks fantastic with these amazing creations.

Year 2 – Weekly Evaluations

In numeracy this week we were doubling and halving. We partitioned the numbers into hundreds, tens and ones first and then we doubled each  digit to find the answer. Once we were experts at this we then had a go at halving different numbers. To help us check if our answers were right we knew our answers needed to be bigger when we doubled and smaller when we were halving.

In literacy we have been reading, reading and reading some more! We have also been spending lots of time practising spelling high frequency words, and using digraphs and trigraphs in words.

As part of our topic work we carried out an investigation. We built foil boats of different sizes and counted how many coins were needed for the boats to sink. Our predictions where right!

Year 2 – Weekly Evaluations – 13/05/21

Water! Water! Water!

This week we have used water in a lot of our activities. In numeracy we have been learning about capacity. We know we measure liquids in millilitres and litres and used jugs and cylinders to measure the volume accurately. We practised reading different scales to find out which containers can hold the most.


In literacy we became Editors! We read lots of different writing and found all of the spelling and punctuation mistakes and corrected them. We  answered questions about the seaside in full sentences and shared our own ideas about going to the seaside.


As part of our topic, Life on an Ocean Wave, we explored what happens to different objects and materials when they are in water. Some of our predictions were correct but some of the objects surprised us! We are excited to do an investigation next week to find out more about floating and sinking and bouyancy.

Weekly Evaluations – Year 2 – 7th May

This week we have all been Rock Pool Experts!!  We researched different sea creatures and found out what they eat, how they move, their features and any other interesting facts about them. We created fact files about them and shared what we have learnt with each other.


In numeracy we have been learning about weight. We used different weighing scales and predicted objects that are heavier and lighter. We found out that bigger objects are not always the heaviest. We read lots of scales. Some scales were tricky because they go up in different amounts. Some went up in 10s, some in 20s and some in 100s!


In Literacy we chose our favourite Seaside Poem and practised reciting it together. We answered questions about it and wrote our answers in full sentences, remembering to start with a capital letter and a full stop.

Year 2 – Weekly Evaluations

We have been working very hard with our phonics this week. We have been writing them in rainbow writing, creating bingo cards to play with our friends and finding hidden words in word searches. We wrote fantastic poems based on our senses at the seaside. They were very creative and everyone thought they were very interesting and fun to read.

In numeracy we have been using different mental strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. Our number bonds to 10 really help us to solve them really quickly.

In our topic work we looked at lots of videos of rockpools and researched which creatures would live there. We made beautiful pictures of some of these creatures using wax crayons and painting on top. They look really effective hanging up in our classroom!

One of our favourite parts of the day is just before home time because we get to sing ‘You can could on me’ by Bruno Mars to support our work on being a good friend.


Year 2 – 23/04/21

This week we were all POETS!!  We created amazing List Poems entitled ‘At the Seaside’. We had blue bouncy beach balls, spotty sunglasses, clippety clappety crabs and lots more. Mrs Edmunds was very impressed with the alliteration we used!!

We have worked hard to apply our mental maths skills this week to help us with our addition and subtraction. We remembered to count on using fingers, ‘jumping’ in steps to the next multiple of ten and using number bonds to 10.

Our new theme Life on the Ocean Waves is really exciting. We investigated all the different animals that live in the Ocean and what features they have to help them survive under water. We are looking forward to finding out about rock pools next week.

The best part of the week was dressing up for World Book Day. It was lots of fun and soooo many fantastic costumes. Mrs Edmunds has put a great class photo onto HWB for you all to see.

Year 2 – Weekly Evaluations – 15/04/21

This week in literacy we have been listening to lots of poets reciting poems. They all had different ways of writing them. Some had rhyming words, some had repetition and some were very funny. We are going to be poets next week and have a go at writing our own!!

In numeracy we have been working with larger numbers. We made out own number lines and estimated where different numbers would be. We partitioned these numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. We played lots of games to help us remember their value.

We found out our new topic this term is ‘Life on an Ocean Wave’. We learnt a song about habitats and are looking forward to finding out what animals live in the Ocean.


Year 2 – Evaluation – 4/12/20

We have been learning how to tell the time this week. We learnt o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We looked at analogue clocks and digital clocks.

The sound of the week was /er/. We made a long list of words with this sound. We learnt about similes this week and how they make our writing more exciting. eg. as brave as a charging knight and Santa’s beard is as fluffy as a bunny’s tail.

Tuesday was the best day of the week! We dressed up for our Christmas concert and went into the hall and we filmed our parts. It was really exciting and Mr Hyett said we were all super stars! We cant wait to see the DVD.