This week we have been learning about time.

In Numeracy we have been finding out about the different times of the day and talking about how time is measured – in years, seasons, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. We have worked out how many different things we can do in a minute, eg. How many times can you write your name?, build a tower of cubes?, do a star jump? We have also found out how many days are in our birth month and started to learn the rhyme ‘ Thirty days has September …’

In literacy we have been working on a class innovation of  the story ‘How tortoise got his shell’. We have decided upon ‘How the Dalmatian got his spots’

In art we have been experimenting with different joining techniques – slotting, sticking, paper clipping, split pinning. This is in readiness for assembling our 3d sculptures which will be made out of cardboard.


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