Anti Bullying

At Alltwen Primary School, we believe that all children have the entitlement to learn in an environment where they feel happy, safe and secure.  Children are obliged to attend school and thus we believe that the responsibility for providing a caring and protective environment lies with all adults working in the school.  When bullying does occur, we hope that parents and children feel confident to report the behaviour secure in the knowledge that any reports made will be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately.


“New learners enter the social world of schools every year and new forms of bullying are also constantly developing. In an environment where children and young people’s interests and activities are changing, helped by new technology, this is not surprising. That is why we need to frequently renew our efforts to understand and challenge this complex behaviour and evaluate what we do. It is important to remember most children or young people do not bully others and positive caring behaviour can be the norm if the right school culture is developed.” WG Rights, respect, equality: Statutory Guidance for Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools page. 13.


For more information on the school’s anti-bullying policy and procedure please contact the school office.