Blog 7.2.20

We began the week by learning actions to go with our story ‘The Legend of King Arthur’ and we have started to innovate it. Next week, we will finish the innovations and write the story out.


3D shapes were the hot topic for our number sessions all week. Just ask us to sing the 3D shapes song, we know it off by heart!!!!

Terry visited us on Thursday to teach us all about Space. He took us all outside and he helped us launch rockets into the field. It was really, really fun! We also dressed up as astronauts. He showed us his robot friend called Meccanoid. He taught us facts like when something spins it creates its own gravity, and how the solar system works.

Did you know, Earth was created from 2 planets crashing together? There was a bit of rock that came out and became our moon.


Next week is the last week before half term, let’s make it a good one! 🙂


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