Nursery Weekly Blog

This week in Nursery we have been learning about mini-beasts and their habitats. We used our detective skills to go on a mini-beast hunt. We collected our equipment, magnifying glasses and insect pots. We searched under logs, stones and dug into the soil. We found worms, woodlice, spiders and even some bees searching for nectar when the sun came out.

We are also excited to see our Cress plants growing. In the first few days we observed the seeds as they sprouted, we water them daily and keep them in a warm area.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Nursery Weekly Blog

We have had another fun week in Nursery. This week we have been learning all about plants and gardening. We looked at the different parts of a plant and used our knowledge to build our own plants out of craft materials. We even planted our own cress seeds which we will water regularly and keep in a warm spot to help them grow.

For fitness Friday we have been practising our dancing skills. We danced to some of our favourite songs and tried our best to copy some tricky routines.

See you next week.

Nursery Weekly Blog

We have had another lovely week in Nursery!

First, a big welcome to our afternoon children, completing their first full week in Alltwen Primary. A wonderful addition to our team.

We have all had a very busy and interesting week. We have been learning how to mix primary colours to make new colours. We used this skill to create our own versions of Yvonne Coomber’s vibrant flower paintings.

Also, we ended our week celebrating World Book Day. We had a fantastic time dressing up as our favourite characters. We decorated our classroom door as the book cover ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and created our own fairy-tale class story as a team.

Have a nice weekend and stay safe.

Nursery Weekly Blog

This week in Nursery we had fun using the Class tree house to support our learning! We blocked out all light by covering the tree house windows so it was nice and dark. We then used torches and glow sticks to experiment with different light sources.

We have also been practising our fine motor skills. We used scissors to cut out Christmas crackers; this was tricky because we are only just learning how to hold the scissors correctly. We are also practising how to hold our writing tools when mark making.

Finally at the end of a very busy week of learning, we all enjoyed decorating our class Christmas tree which now looks really festive. Da iawn Nursery!

Nursery Weekly Blog

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about the religious celebration, Hanukkah. We discussed the Jewish Festival of Light and the miracle of the temple of light; this burned for 8 days on just one day’s oil. We created our own Menorah candle pictures to honour this special celebration.


This week we began our Christmas celebrations early. We have now filmed our Christmas DVD and we had lots of fun dressing up in our Star costumes. We sparkled and shined on stage. We cannot wait for everyone to see our performance. 


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe. 

Nursery Weekly Blog

 What an adventurous week we have had in Nursery!
We enjoyed watching Peter Pan chase his own shadow and learning all about our own shadows and how they change depending on how we block the light. We also had lots of fun working together using chalk to draw an outline of the shadows we all made. For our number activity this week, we have been using objects to help us learn how to count up to 10.

We spent lots of time in the school hall learning songs and practising for our Christmas concert DVD which we know you will love. We cannot wait to dress up in our star costumes and sing our loudest for everyone to hear!

Lastly, today was a very special day. Together, we raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness by dressing up in pink. We are very grateful for all your kind donations.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, see you next week.

Nursery Weekly Blog

This week in Nursery we have been making our own musical instruments! We used straws to make our own pan flutes. We created songs and sounds with our new instruments.

We have also been learning all about the number 5. This made us all smile because we used the nursery rhyme ‘5 Little Ducks’ to help us learn.

Our fun continued with ‘Fitness Friday’ where where we all pretended to be jungle animals! We roared like Lions, stomped around like Elephants and stretched tall like Giraffes, so we are all ready for the weekend.

Nursery Weekly Blog

This week in Nursery we started our new ‘light and sound’ topic. We really enjoyed going on a ‘light and sound’ walk where we listened closely for all the different noises we could hear inside and outside. We also talked about different sources of light including sunlight and man made sources such as electricity.

On Wednesday, in honour of Armistice Day, we took time to have a moment of silence and then watch a very special recorded assembly by our year 6 class, which was fantastic.

On Friday we raised lots of money for Children In Need day and we are so grateful for all your generous donations, thank you. We had a fun time in non-school uniform and enjoyed all of the Pudsey Bear activities. We look forward to announcing the winner of our Nursery Pudsey bear raffle on Monday!

Bonfire Night

We have had a very creative week in Nursery. In addition to learning our numbers and Jolly Phonics, we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night. We used our ICT skills this week to create our own firework pictures on Hwb. We constructed our own bonfire out of materials we found in our little woodland area. We then sat around our bonfire and enjoyed marshmallows which we pretended to toast.  


Also, fireman Sam helped us understand how important it is to stay safe on Bonfire night by sharing his safety tips. 


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you all Monday. 

Halloween Party!

We have had another fantastic week in Nursery!

We have been working hard learning to retell our Gingerbread Man story, so this week we decided to create our own gingerbread men using flavoured dough. We just hope they don’t try and run away too!

In maths we have been learning lots of new number rhymes and the animals in ‘Number Zoo’ are helping us count from 1-10.

Most importantly this week, we have been having lots of Halloween fun! We made our own pumpkin faces using apple printing and enjoyed listening to our book of the week ‘Room on The Broom’. But best of all was our fun filled class Halloween Party, where we dressed up in our spookiest costumes! We played pass the parcel, ate delicious hotdogs and danced to our favourite songs.

Have a wonderful half term and stay safe.