Weekly Evaluation 17/1/2020

This week has been a busy week. We finished off our topic of ‘ The Children of the Revolution’ by researching and writing our own biography about Florence Nightingale otherwise known as ‘The lady with the Lamp’.

Did you know? –

She was born in Florence, Italy whilst on her parents honeymoon and so was named after the city she was born in.

She went against the sterotypical middle class Victorian role for women and dreamt of becoming a nurse to help others.

She was the first ever Lady to receive an Order of Merit (OM) for her dedication of helping others.


In English, we were introduced to personification and practiced personifying a range of objects by giving them human abilities and emotions.


We have enjoyed our topic on fractions where we have learnt how to simplify fractions, add/subtract/multiply and divide fractions, find fractions of amounts and more confident to identify and describe the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Who knew fractions could be so much fun!

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