Year 2 Weekly Evaluation – 08/10/21

This week has gone so fast!

We are 2D experts this week! We investigated lines of symmetry in lots of different 2D shapes. Some only had one line of symmetry but othersĀ  had two or four. We were surprised how many there was in a circle! We sorted 2D shapes using venn diagrams and carroll diagrams. We worked so hard and were very clever at it!

We transferred our questioning skills this week to interview our friends. We had to listen very carefully and remember the answer to each of our questions. We then presented our findings to the class, just like a real reporter. We learnt we had to use a loud clear voice to be heard properly. It was really interesting and we found out a lot about our friends that we didn’t know before.

We have explored lots of little experiments to help us begin to understand how sound travels.

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