Hurray for Easter!!

This week in English we have been writing spells for spring using lots of fantastic adjectives to describe the signs for spring used in our spells. Fingers crossed our spells will work and we will all have a super spring bank holiday!!

In Maths we have been working out the values of numbers between 1- 50 using tens and ones. Using the values of the numbers we have been ordering numbers from the greatest to the least value.

We have also had lots of treats and surprises. The ice cream van arrived on Thursday and we all had a 99 with a flake and sticky sauce. On Friday the Easter bunny left us a clue trail to follow, which led to a big choccy treat – Yummy!! Happy Easter everyone, enjoy!!

Environment week

This week we have been busy finding out about our environment.

We have been learning about position and direction in Maths, with the help of Rosie the hen from the story Rosie’s Walk. We really enjoyed sending a computer turtle on a journey using directional commands. We have also learned how to tally results and graph our results in a simple block diagram.

In English we have been writing directions for Rosie to get from our class to the school yard. We have learned about prepositions and simple direction words.

In Geography we have been finding out about where we live, our school and our locality. We have been on a walk to find litter and learned how to recycle litter correctly. We have completed a traffic survey to find out the most popular mode of transport in Alltwen.

It’s been a very busy week!!

Mother’s Day

This week we have been busy making Mother’s Day cards and talking about how special Mum’s are to us.

In Maths we have been sequencing numbers to 50/100 and  learning how to count larger numbers by grouping items in 10’s and 1’s. We have also been exploring place value by using a Ten’s and One’s grid.

In English we have been writing instructions to make Welsh Rarebit. We have learned that we need a BIG BOLD BRIGHT title for our instructions, a list of what we need and numbered instructions to tell us what to do, that all begin with a ‘bossy verb’. Photographs and pictures also help to make the instructions easier to follow.

In RE we have been learning about the Easter story and tasted Hot Cross Buns, Yummy!!


Welsh Week

This week we have had lots of fun in class celebrating being Welsh!!

We have made red paper plate Welsh dragons, taste tested different types of Welsh cakes and learned how to folk dance to Welsh music.

In English we have learned how to write instructions and followed instructions to make Welsh Rarebit. We all had a taste and really enjoyed it!

In Maths we have been learning how to use the make ten strategy to help us solve addition problems using a 10s grid.

Check out our post on Twitter to see photos of our fun!

Christmas has Arrived!!

This week we have had lots of fun dressing up and performing our songs for the Christmas Nativity DVD. We were the innkeepers and townspeople of Bethlehem. We performed the songs ‘Knock, Knock, Knock’ and ‘Stop that Knocking’.

In English we have been using the ‘Funny Bones’ story to help us write our own story and used actions to help us include full stops and capital letters in our writing. We have also been rhyming simple three letter words – cat, hat, sat, mat, to help us with our spelling.

In Maths we have been working on place value of numbers 11-20. Eg, 14=10+4 and learning how to write our numbers to ten in words.

In topic we have been finding out about Stone Age homes and painting our own cave paintings to decorate the classroom.

Nos Galan Hapus!! Happy Halloween!

This week we have been busy getting ready for Halloween. We have chosen our favourite pumpkin design and carved a pumpkin face. Our favourite design had a bat mouth! We have decorated the classroom and made a spooky potion making area to play in. We enjoyed our hotdogs in the Halloween Party and played pass the parcel, musical chairs and musical statues. We also had our own little disco in class.

In English this week we have been practising our tricky words, learning to say them as well as spell and write them. Our oral story telling of the ‘Funnybones’ story is coming along nicely too.

In Maths we have been practising our number bonds to 10, we are learning a funky song to help us remember them.

In Topic work we have been finding out about the types of foods that Stone Age people ate. They ate very healthily indeed!!

Next week is half term, over the holiday we need to read our online book, play our online phonics games and learn our tricky words.

Our First Blog by Year 1

This is our class blog page. Here we are going to share with you some of the things we have been doing in class over the week. You will find out what we have been doing in English, Maths and Topic plus any extra activities or events we have taken part in. We will post our blog every Thursday for you to read and share in our fun. So watch this space…


This week we have been re-telling the story ‘Funnybones’ with actions and words. We have a class story map to follow to help us remember the words and actions. We have also been practising our phonics and tricky words. We enjoy playing a game called ‘Hanging Monkeys’ to help us read words. You can play it at home too, it’s on the ‘Top Marks’ website. In Maths we have been counting to 100, learning our number bonds to 10 and finding out 1/2 more than/less than a given number. We love playing ‘Chopper Squad’  a game to help us practise more than and less than, it’s also on the ‘Top Marks’ website. In topic work this week we have been finding out about healthy/unhealthy foods and designing a healthy lunch box. Last week we all had a great afternoon on Friday, taking part in the MacMillan coffee afternoon. Cakes and milkshake – Yum!! The school photographer came today to take our photos, we also had a photo with our sisters and brothers, they will make great Christmas gifts for family members. See you next week.

Evaluations 28/02/20

Its been another busy week!


In Literacy we have started to learn about instructional writing. We had a go at writing our own recipes, working hard to remember to put bossy verbs in the instructions. We now know all recipes need a title, sub-titles, bullet points, numbers and pictures.

The sound of the week was /SH/ Mrs Edmunds was really happy because we could write lots and lots of words starting and ending with this sound.

In our number work we were learning about odd and even numbers. We counted to twenty in quiet and loud voices to help us work out if a number was odd or even. All the quiet numbers were odd and all the loud numbers are even. We also noticed a pattern, all the even numbers are in the 2 times table.


We looked at lots of toys this week and had to work out if you had to push or pull them to get them to move.


We are really excited for our Welsh week and can’t wait to show our Welsh art work to our friends.

Evaluation 17/01/20

This week we listened to the story ‘The Tale of two Dragons’. we created a story map to help us remember the story, it was very, very long. We liked the ending because the red dragon defeated the white dragon.  We pretended to be the different characters in the story and asked each other questions. It was lots of fun!!

We learnt the ‘ee’ sound and can now spell lots of words using this sound.

We have been doubling and halving numbers using our hands, apparatus and games online.

Mrs Edmunds is really pleased with us all in our topic work. We know the names of the planets and are enjoying finding out facts about them. We printed the planets for our class display and are looking forward to showing everyone soon.


Weekly Evaluation 10/01/20

We had a fantastic holiday but we are really happy to be back in school. We are ready to learn about our new topic!

In our writing this week we have been working really hard to write sentences with full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. We practised the sound /ai/ and made lots of words with this sound. We wrote the tricky words, was/ you/ on/ she/ they in lots of creative ways.

In our number work we have been finding out about 1 more and 1 less. We used our fingers, number lines, hundred square and a hundred bead to help us.

We were really excited to have our new topic, ‘Reach for the Stars’ and are really looking forward to finding out lots of things about space.

Thursday was our favourite day because we had a mysterious visitor who left us a space challenge! It was sooooo much fun!!