Year 2 – Weekly Evaluations – 27.05.21

What a great last week of term it has been in Year 2!

In literacy we have been working really hard to make our writing really exciting. We became literacy detectives and looked in lots and lots of story books for any interesting words authors had chosen for their stories. We then borrowed these words to use in our own writing. Mrs Edmunds said our work was fantastic!


In numeracy we consolidated our work with fractions. We then used these shapes to find 1/2’s and 1/4’s of different numbers. We worked really hard and tried a challenge to find a 1/2 and a 1/4 of a 100 and a 1,000!! Wow!


For our topic work this week we were very creative. We used different techniques to cut paper and made a collage of different fish. Our classroom looks fantastic with these amazing creations.

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